At a time when most of the world is locked up in their homes, not able to go to offices, with their houses converted as make shift offices, all our schedules have gone for a toss. But as we are fighting this pandemic scenario, self care becomes utmost important. Here are some self
care tips to help you through:

Follow a routine
This is the most said and obvious advice for self care. Just because you can work at anytime, don’t! Don’t forgo your usual routine. Get up at your usual time and make sure you get ready for work just like you are going to office.

If you’re someone who thrives in an office setting, one reason why may be the built-in structure that office life often affords. You arrive for work at the same time each morning, have a predictable schedule of meetings and desk time, a lunch break, and an end to the day before dinnertime that you can usually count on. Working from home can feel the opposite of this, since without creating your own structure, you may find yourself at loose ends. Simple things like making your bed, tidying your work space, throwing open all the curtains to let maximum light in, having a shower and getting into clothes that help you feel put together, eating a nourishing breakfast so you have fed your brain and can think straight. Weave into that routine micro rituals to enhance energy and focus.

Set boundaries between your work and home
When you’re working from home it can be easy to slip into bad habits, such as working late into the evening or not taking a lunch break. To ensure you work efficiently you need to maintain a healthy balance between work and play. Put in clear boundaries where you will be working, give yourself ‘working hours’ and make sure you do something to unwind in the evenings, too. You might not be commuting into a physical office, but it’s vital you create an environment that works for you.

Put some pants on!
Take a shower, comb your hair, maybe even put shoes on. Although there’s a perception that working from home is a daylong pajama fest, the simple act of getting ready is a vital part of self-care and can help you transition into work easier. You don’t need to be in a full work outfit; you can still keep it casual. That’s one of the nice things about working from home. But prepping for your day is a signal to your brain that it’s not a weekend, and you’re not sick. That will get your mind ready for the workday.

Don’t completely stop socialising
You might feel like your social life has been put on hold but this is not true. There are honestly hundreds of ways for you to still keep up with the social life you’ve had before. Yes, we have to maintain social distancing and stay at home whenever possible. However, thanks to technology, we don’t need to step out to socialise anymore. Video is saviour! Video chatting, that occasional long distance phone call with your best friend and playing online games can help us maintain the human contact we all need.

Clear your mind at the end of the day with some journaling
Writing a journal can prove to be really healing. Keep a nice pad by your bed and just pour out whatever is on your mind. You’ll be amazed at how calming it is to empty what’s in your head onto paper. A gratitude journal is a brilliant way to help you focus on the positive – more important now than ever.

Cut yourself some slack
Last, but not the least, realize that no one is perfect. You don’t have to feel bad if you couldn’t follow your routine one day. Allow for some distractions. It is perfectly okay to take a ME day, it is perfectly okay that you didn’t accomplish anything on a given day. Everyone needs some breaks from their hectic schedules to feel better sometimes. Just make sure that you do not beat yourself up about it and get back on track!

Let us all stay healthy and happy during these times when the world is going through an unprecedented change. For more ideas on healthy food habits and natural remedies, get your appointment today at Herbz & Healz AYUSH Hospital! Call 9043336444.

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