What is Nasya?

Nasya or Nasyam is a powerful detoxifying and rejuvenative Ayurvedic treatment practiced for over a thousand years to treat a number of diseases and conditions. It is among the five purification methods in Panchakarma therapy with abundant health benefits.

The herbal treatment involves relaxing oil massage of the head, face, and neck. Once the body is conditioned to the treatment, drops of medicated oil are instilled through the nasal passage in the body known as ‘nasya’ in Ayurveda.


Ayurveda considers the nose as the gateway into the head and deeper into the lungs. The powerful Nasya treatment is effective for all chronic disorders of the head, neck, brain, central nervous system, eyes, ears, mouth, throat and respiratory illnesses. The Ayurvedic treatment is extremely effective due to its rapid absorption into the mucous membranes of the sinus passage. A few of the benefits of Nasya therapy include:

  • Cleanses the sense organs
  • Clears congestion and debris of nasal passages
  • Treats allergies, snoring and acute sinusitis
  • Reduces headaches, migraines
  • Promotes mental clarity, memory and emotional happiness
  • Stimulates the nervous system
  • Strengthens the mind
  • Improves skin texture and complexion
  • Soothes dryness in the nose
  • Prevents ageing and improves hair growth
  • Treat diseases like Asthma, Alzheimer, Paralysis and Parkinson’s disease
  • Relieves stress, anxiety and sleep disorders

The Ayurveda doctor may advice the individual to make necessary lifestyle and diet modifications. The doctor may also recommend other Ayurvedic treatments along with Nasya for complete recovery and wellness depending on the individual’s ailment and body constitution. For details, talk to our Ayurveda healthcare experts at +91 90 4333 6444.


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