Insect bites and bee stings are quite common and are hardly avoidable. You can be stung while camping outside, landscaping your garden or even while sitting in your living room.

Homeopathy offers a number of remedies for the treatment of insect bites and stings that are very effective.

There are a few main remedies appropriate for most insect bites and stings:

  • Apis mellifica: This homeopathic remedy is good for treating bee stings and also any insect bite with swelling. Cold application on the wound is good for prompt relief. Do not apply anything warm, as it can worsen the condition.
  • Ledum palustre: This homeopathic remedy is good for treating insect bites or stings without significant swelling. This includes the bites or stings from mosquito, flea, or tick bites.
  • Androctonus: This homeopathic remedy is good for treating for scorpion bites.
  • Carbolic acid: This homeopathic remedy is good for treating anaphylactic reactions or collapse after bee or wasp stings, with hives all over the body and dangerous swelling of the face, tongue, and throat.
  • Staphysagria: This homeopathic remedy is for treating large bites that is sensitive to touch and is accompanied with itching, pain and irritating.

Homeopathy doctors at Herbz & Healz Healthcare Centre advice immediate medical help in the event of any severe allergic reaction, wheezing, pain, inching and swelling. Also, do not use before anything on the affected area without proper understanding of the element, as it can only further aggravate the condition.

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