Arthritis (Sandhivat) is a very common joint inflammation disorder affecting both men and women, irrespective of their ages. An important fact that you need to understand here is that the medical term ‘Arthritis’ is common term used to describe around 200 rheumatic conditions. Other common rheumatic diseases include gout, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.

Signs and Symptoms of Arthritis

  • Stiffness, inflammation and tenderness in joints like ankles, elbow, knee and fingers.
  • Acute pain in knee joints, finger joints, ankles, elbow, neck, back and shoulders.
  • Pain and difficulty in walking, climbing steps, standing for long time or sitting down on the floor.
  • Joints deform without inflammation.
  • Joints produce crepitus sounds leading to osteoarthritis.
  • For some, osteoporosis can be a silent killer and can cause sudden fractures in the back, hip or knee joints.
  • Change in your posture to stooped posture.

FACT: People of any age can get affected with this disease, including children.

What Causes Arthritis?

The risk of developing Arthritis can be prevalent in any person regardless of their age or sex. The causative factors are numerous and different for different conditions of Arthritis. Some of the major causes include:

  • Wear-and-tear damage to your joint’s cartilage
  • Risk of developing most types of arthritis increases with age
  • Genetic – like osteoarthritis
  • Overweight and obesity
  • Joint injuries – causing degenerative arthritis
  • Infection – such as in the arthritis of Lyme disease
  • Malfunctioning of body’s immune system – leading to gout and pseudogout

FACT: Rheumatoid arthritis has a worldwide prevalence rate of 0.5% to 1% in adults.

Diet Regime for Arthritis

  • Calcium is important for keeping your bones healthy. Include dairy products such as milk, cheese etc. in your diet.
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables; They are good sources of fibre, vitamins and nutrients
  • Avoid curd, but do include buttermilk in your diet as it is proven good for Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • Make sure to include garlic in your daily diet. It helps in preventing Arthritis changing of bones.
  • Drum stick – fruit and leaves, bitter gourd, barley, horse gram are highly recommended.
  • Avoid excess intake of tea, coffee, cocoa, white sugar, salt and alcohol
  • Avoid eating hot, spicy and fried foods and sweets

FACT: 1 in 4 people may develop painful hip arthritis in their lifetime.

Ayurveda for Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common disorders for which Ayurvedic aid is being sought these days. The age old medical science considers ama and vata as the main causes. Efforts should be made to improve digestion and relieve the pain and inflammation. The treatment will be aimed primarily at the root cause of the disorder to gain best results.

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