Mornings can be hard and waking up without snoozing the alarm can be way beyond challenging. Intentional or not, we all have certain set of morning rituals that we do after waking up each morning which is powerful enough to make or break our day.

Here are 7 easy yet life-changing rituals you can do every morning to charge yourself and empower your day.

  1. Break your snooze button addiction

We all hit on the snooze button a few times before we drag ourselves out of the bed. We have all woken up few minutes before the alarm goes off, only to bury our heads into our pillows again. Unfortunately, these only means lesser quality of sleep and you will feel more tired once you are up again.  Make a habit of never pressing the snooze button. Also, do not set the alarm earlier than require just to buy the snooze time, which again will only affect the quality of your sleep. Waking up right away at the right time can make you feel refreshed and ready take on the day ahead.

  1. Wake up on the right side of the bed

What’s your worst wake-up experience? There is nothing worse than waking on the wrong side of the bed feeling tired, unhappy, uncomfortable, or grumpy. Practice waking up with a smile and convince yourself it’ll be a great day. It might sound ridiculous, but it will improve your mood and help your mind to be at peace for whole day long.

  1. Schedule a consistent wake-up time

Schedule a regular sleep and wake time. The more you sleep and wake up at the same time every day, the more rested you will feel. An average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep will take a toll on your mood, energy, mental sharpness, and ability to handle stress.

  1. Rehydrate with water

Drink a glass of warm water with lemon instead of tea or coffee first thing in the morning for a much-needed detoxification and energy kick. Water dehydrates the body and nourishes the cells.

  1. Make your bed

Habits creates routines and making your bed daily first thing in the morning is one of them. A clean, made bed sets the tone organised day ahead, boosting your happiness, contentment and productivity.

  1. List your priorities

What should you achieve to make the day the best? Spend some time to plan your day at the beginning of the day. This will help you schedule your day around priorities and feel great.

  1. Stretch

Take some time off for yourself and indulge in a gentle stretch or yoga to get your blood flowing and unwind your body from any strange positions you may have slept in. The morning is a great time to go for a walk too.

What you do each morning has a powerful ability to set you day ahead. So, make your mornings special to keep you energised and refreshed for the entire rest of your beautiful day.

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