Milk, especially raw milk, offers many benefits for your skin when used regularly. As a rich source of calcium, protein and antioxidants, milk is a healthy drink as well as an incredible ingredient to include in your skincare routine. Regular or daily use of milk, can help your skin in many ways.

  1. Fights Wrinkles
    As you age, you skin becomes less firm, and fine lines and wrinkles begin to make their presence felt. The goodness of milk and its regular usage is an effective way to fight these signs of skin aging and keep the skin young and radiant.
  2. Works As A Moisturiser
    Suffering from dry skin? Milk is a powerful remedy that preserves moisture and helps keep your skin supple. Also, the fats present in milk coat your skin and prevent the moisture from escaping.
  3. Revives Skin From Sunburns
    Exposure to direct sunlight for a long time can result in damaged skin. Research shows that lactic acid can help reverse the effect of sun damage by shedding the outer layer of skin and promoting the remodeling by giving strength and firmness to the skin.
  4. Fixes Acne
    Milk is a powerhouse of vitamins and everything good for a flawless skin. Milks helps in cleansing the skin off excess oils and dirt which clog pores to form acne. Also, the lactic acid milk helps in fighting the microbes responsible for causing acne.
  5. Reduces Freckles, Brown Spots, Hyper-pigmentation
    Milk is an effective home remedy against freckles, brown spots, suntan, hyper-pigmentation and skin disorders like melasma. Studies show that skin treated with lactic acid has lower deposits of melanin, which causes the above mentioned skin disorders.

A point to remember? We recommend a patch test before you use milk on your skin to ensure your skin doesn’t react adversely to it. If you have a dairy allergy, do not apply skin on your skin as that can trigger a reaction too.

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