Have you been told that you should stop biting your nails because it’s “bad for you”?

Yes, they are all right about it. Biting and picking at your nails is not only gross but also can affect your health. Nail biting is that one habit that can be hard to break but it is very important that you do right now!

People know biting their nails is never a good habit, but why do they still do it?

Researchers believe nail biting has more to do with your personality than a bad habit. The study found that those who are tend to be perfectionists are more likely to bite their nails.


Chewing your nails for years on can lead to trauma of the lunula, the part of your nail bed where your nail grows. Continued biting can cause temporary or even permanent damage. It might grow back inadequately or at a very slow pace. It might also cause your nail to get bumpy ridges or lines.


A recent study reported that there is an increased tendency among people who bite their nails to clench their teeth, or chew on pencils putting them at a greater risk of unintentional grinding or clenching known as bruxism, which can cause headaches, facial pain, recessed gums, tooth sensitivity and even tooth loss. If you have the habit of biting nails, you may also be at risk for damaged, torn, or sore gum tissue caused by the rough edges of your fingernails. The scratch or cut the gums can also lead to infections, swelling, and a lot of discomfort owning to the bacteria and germs in the fingernails.  Also, all that biting, tapping and chewing can wear your teeth down over time, flattening and blunting the biting edges of the front teeth.


Yes, you read that one right! Biting nails can lead to sexually transmitted infections of the mouth, like herpes. When you bite your nails, the bacteria in and under your fingernails end up in your mouth and gut. It can also cause bad breath and gastro-intestinal infections that lead to diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Habitual nail biters can also suffer from a type of infection called paronychia. The tears or abrasions in the skin of your fingertips allow strains of bacteria or yeast to get inside, causing swelling, redness and a buildup of puss around and under the nail, which will eventually need to be drained surgically.

If you want to really stop biting your nail, with time and patience, you can do it. We suggest you to go about it gradually because we understand that breaking a habit isn’t easy. Work on one hand or even a finger at a time to start with.

If you are still finding it really difficult to stop biting your nails and think you need help, Ayurveda provides numerous natural and herbal remedies to break the habit. Feel free to talk to our Ayurveda physician at Herbz & Healz Helathcare Centre for guidance and remedies. For appointment, please call +91 44 224 73286/ +91 90 4333 6444.

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