10 Ayurveda Health Tips to Stay Healthy this Rainy Season

The monsoon rains are here, and it is time to take special care of your body and health. With the change in the season, your body also goes through a number of alterations. This, if not cared for, can lead to several difficulties like indigestion, acidity, skin disorders and other infections.

Today, we share simple and easy Ayurveda hacks to help you to get to the bottom of all health problems and cleanse your mind and body.

1. Eat light

It is best you avoid eating foods that are too heavy, oily, deep fried, spicy and acidic in nature as they lead to vata and pitta imbalance in the body. Instead eat foods that are good for digestion and your overall health including honey, wheat, soup of pulses, water strained from curd.

2. Bitter for health

Ensure to include more bitter-tasting vegetables in your regular diet including bitter gourd (karela) and bitter herbs such as neem, fenugreek and turmeric. These are great neutralizers of pitta and keep infections and other ailments in check.

3. Never miss hygienic habits

Trim and clean your nails regularly and keep them dry to avoid any infections. Wash your legs before entering your household. Also, cover up and avoid insect bites.

4. Wash fruits and vegetables carefully

Make sure to wash all your fruits and vegetables thoroughly before you eat. Wash them well in hot water with a pinch of salt to get rid of all impurities.

5. Eat home food

Avoid eating out during the monsoon season. These foods if not washed and cooked properly can lead to various illnesses. Also, foods kept open for long pick up germs from the atmosphere and might contain water splashed from various dirt sources around.

6. Drink lots of herbal tea

Natural and herbal teas such as lemon, ginger and green tea have anti-bacterial properties. They keep your body immune soothe your sore throat and fights other body disorders.

7. Don’t stop your regular exercise

Your activities might be limited to indoors during rainy season. However, find yourself some effective exercises such as Yoga and stay physically active.

8. Never skip sleep

Get yourself 6-8 hours of sound sleep at night. Try to avoid sleeping during the day, after meals, as it can make you feel lazy and affect your digestion process.

9. Avoid sitting or lying down

Monsoon nights are generally cold and can result in aggravation of body pains. If you are prone to joint and muscle pains, it is best to avoid sitting or lying down on the floor. Skin contact with a cold surface can further worsen the problem.

10. Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapies

The monsoon Ayurvedic rejuvenation programme helps to enhance your body resistance to epidemics, flus and infections. It is also the best way to de-stress, retain youthfulness and improves the skin disorders. The preferred Ayurveda treatment during the period usually is Panchakarma. It is a cleansing, rejuvenating programme for all the 5 senses in your body, detoxifying your body, strengthening your immune system and calming your mind.

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